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Reel TRX 20

A model dedicated to fishermen of freshwater in spinning, buoy, chumbadinha, small boat and Kayak.

€51.00 Price

Reel Akada TT 3000

Ideal for light spinning techniques in bass fishing, for the anti-salinity treatment to which it was subjected, it is suitable for fishing techniques at sea such as eging, fishing for cuttlefish and squid.

€45.00 Price

Reel Delta 30

The Delta 30 is a reel for the first contacts with fishing in various modalities in freshwater and at sea such as Eging among others.

€22.00 Price

Reel TRX 40

A model dedicated to fishermen of spinning, buoy, light casting, small boat fishing, Kayak and freshwater fishing.

€57.50 Price

Reel Antrax RX 250

The Antrax RX 250 is a fairly "desirable" model for freshwater fishing and some fishing modalities at sea such as Eging.

€75.50 Price


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