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Oceana 4 Reel

Vega's Oceana 4 Reel is a strenght-type reel making it perfect for the use of floats or spinning. Its aluminium body and spool, 8 bearings and 20 KG Drag power place it at a good price/quality deal.

€113.82 Price

Panthera 50 Reel

Vega's Panthera 50 Reel, similar to the 40 model, is a fishing reel suitable for float or spinning fishing. This model may also be used for tackle and board fishing.

€80.49 Price

Oceana 6 Reel

The Vega Oceana 6 Reel is an excellent reel for trolling, jigging and overall boat fishing. With a body and rotor made of aluminium, a drag of 20 KG and 8 bearings this is a very strong reel with a great price for its range.

€124.39 Price

Potenza 650 Reel

The Vega Potenza 650 Reel is a reel suitable for float, trolling, spinning and boat fishing. With an aluminium alloy body and rotor, a direct-to-the-gear combat crank, a 25 KG drag and 9 bearings this is an excellent reel that allows a wide range of practices.

€138.13 Price

Carreto Sandero 8000 Pg

The Vega Sandero 8000 PG Reel is a reel that was launched for the boat, trolling and float fishing ranges. It is a fairly smooth reel, with a very ergonomic and effort handle to allow long sessions of use. With 5 bearings and a drag of 10 KG it's presented at a fair price for its quality.

€44.72 Price

Carreto TR 60

The Vega TR 60 Reel is an excellent reel within the economical range to which it belongs. Indicated for trolling and float fishing and with 6 bearings it is presented at a fair price for its quality.

€47.07 Price

TD 70 Reel

The Vega TD 70 Reel is a suitable reel for surfcasting. Its very versatile size also allows its use for trolling, buldo and boat fishing. Competing in the economic range this presents a good quality for the price at which it is proposed.

€44.72 Price

Bandit 70 Reel

The Vega Bandit 70 Reel is a reel that is suitable for beginners. Designed for boat fishing and trolling, the Bandit 70 offers excellent quality within its price range.

€35.69 Price

Blade 60 Reel

The Vega Blade 60 Reel is a reel that competes within the economic range of boat and trolling reels although it can also be used for surfcasting. It is a reel that stands out for its quality within the price range to which it belongs.

€30.00 Price

Rexis 60 Reel

The Vega Rexis 60 Reel is a very compact reel designed for trolling and boat fishing. Suitable for beginners given its economic range, this reel is a good option for those who are getting started with fishing and want to keep a reduced investment.

€16.99 Price

Carreto Legend 550

The Vega Legend 550 Reel is a very lightweight and robust reel, with an aluminum body, 8 bearings, 15 KG drag, combat handle and two spools. A recent top-of-the-line Vega reel, designed for the fisherman who wants high quality and performance, suitable for boat, trolling and most demanding float and spinning fishing.

€80.49 Price


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