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Oceana 4 Reel

Vega's Oceana 4 Reel is a strenght-type reel making it perfect for the use of floats or spinning. Its aluminium body and spool, 8 bearings and 20 KG Drag power place it at a good price/quality deal.

€113.82 Price

Panthera 40 Reel

Panthera 40 Reel is an excellent reel for float fishing or spinning. With an aluminium body and graphite rotor, a 20 KG Drag and 7 bearings, it's a good choice for spinning/float lovers.

€71.54 Price

Magnesys 50 Reel

The Vega Magnesys 50 Reel is a very well designed reel for float or spinning fishing. With a carbon rotor and a body made of magnesium, 10 ceramic bearings, a drag of 7 KG and excellent finishes this is an amazing reel with a fair price for its build quality.

€121.87 Price

Carreto Bzx 450

The Vega BZX 450 Reel is a reel suitable for spinning and float fishing. With the main elements, body and rotor, built in structural graphite of high rigidity, it allows a very compact final product of reduced weight without compromising its solidity. The BZX 450 is a very fast reel with a large handle in high density EVA foam, which provides easy and non-fatiguing use.

€47.97 Price

Carreto Empire

The Empire Reel is a Vega branded reel that presents itself within the economic range for float or spinning fishing. With 5 bearings and an extra spool this reel has an outstanding quality for the price range to which it belongs.

€34.07 Price

Carreto Hybrid 4

The Vega Hybrid 4 Reel is a suitable reel for float or spinning fishing. With an aluminum body, a drag of 8 KG and 9 bearings this is a fairly fast reel excellent for the price range in which it competes.

€87.80 Price

Carreto Protek 4

The Vega Protek 4 Reel comes in a very revolutionary design for the normal fishing gear pattern. Indicated float and spinning fishing, with 10 bearings and 8 KG of drag this is a reel of excellent quality for the price at which it is proposed.

€64.96 Price

Carreto Legend 550

The Vega Legend 550 Reel is a very lightweight and robust reel, with an aluminum body, 8 bearings, 15 KG drag, combat handle and two spools. A recent top-of-the-line Vega reel, designed for the fisherman who wants high quality and performance, suitable for boat, trolling and most demanding float and spinning fishing.

€80.49 Price

Lomax 4004 FD Reel

The spinning reels LOMAX FD offer an improved design and are equipped with a mechanical high-quality Japanese stainless steel bearings.

Lighter than their predecessor the Kapax by 7%, Lomax reels are compact, robust and silent. After their R&D design of a large Japanese manufacturer gives them a smooth rotation and a surprising power. Whether for fresh water or sea, these new reels bring you pleasure, comfort and safety, whatever the conditions.

€73.09 Price

Alpax 4508 SW Reel

The Alpax 4508 SW from Sakura is the saltwater evolution of Alpax FD, recognized for its reliability, the SW Version (Salt Water) has the necessary changes to strengthen and give it the opportunity to confront marine predators. Its frame, rotor and coil are made of corrosion resistant aluminum and the waterproof progressive drag secures your fighting whatever the conditions.

€99.19 Price


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