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Akada MT40 Reel

O Carreto Akada MT40 da Vega é um carreto de força excelente o que o torna indicado para a pesca de bóia ou spinning.

€113.00 Price

Panthera 40 Reel

Panthera 40 Reel is an excellent reel for float fishing or spinning. With an aluminium body and graphite rotor, a 20 KG Drag and 7 bearings, it's a good choice for spinning/float lovers.

€105.00 Price

Magnesys 50 Reel

The Vega Magnesys 50 Reel is a very well designed reel for float or spinning fishing. With a carbon rotor and a body made of magnesium, 10 ceramic bearings, a drag of 7 KG and excellent finishes this is an amazing reel with a fair price for its build quality.

€149.90 Price

Carreto Bzx 450

The Vega BZX 450 Reel is a reel suitable for spinning and float fishing. With the main elements, body and rotor, built in structural graphite of high rigidity, it allows a very compact final product of reduced weight without compromising its solidity. The BZX 450 is a very fast reel with a large handle in high density EVA foam, which provides easy and non-fatiguing use.

€59.00 Price

Carreto Empire

The Empire Reel is a Vega branded reel that presents itself within the economic range for float or spinning fishing. With 5 bearings and an extra spool this reel has an outstanding quality for the price range to which it belongs.

€41.90 Price

Carreto Hybrid 4

The Vega Hybrid 4 Reel is a suitable reel for float or spinning fishing. With an aluminum body, a drag of 8 KG and 9 bearings this is a fairly fast reel excellent for the price range in which it competes.

€108.00 Price

Carreto Protek 4

The Vega Protek 4 Reel comes in a very revolutionary design for the normal fishing gear pattern. Indicated float and spinning fishing, with 10 bearings and 8 KG of drag this is a reel of excellent quality for the price at which it is proposed.

€79.90 Price

Carreto Legend 550

The Vega Legend 550 Reel is a very lightweight and robust reel, with an aluminum body, 8 bearings, 15 KG drag, combat handle and two spools. A recent top-of-the-line Vega reel, designed for the fisherman who wants high quality and performance, suitable for boat, trolling and most demanding float and spinning fishing.

€119.00 Price

Lomax 4004 FD Reel

The spinning reels LOMAX FD offer an improved design and are equipped with a mechanical high-quality Japanese stainless steel bearings.

Lighter than their predecessor the Kapax by 7%, Lomax reels are compact, robust and silent. After their R&D design of a large Japanese manufacturer gives them a smooth rotation and a surprising power. Whether for fresh water or sea, these new reels bring you pleasure, comfort and safety, whatever the conditions.

€89.90 Price


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