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Carreto Combat 9000

The Vega Combat 9000 Reel is a suitable reel for the practice of Surfcasting that is targeting the economic range of this category. With 7 bearings, an extra spool and a 10 KG drag the Combat 9000 offers a good balance between its price and quality.

€73.00 Price

Carreto Inspira 8000

The Vega Inspira 8000 Reel is designed for the Surfcasting practice and ideal for places where the longest launches are required. The conical build of its spool allows a greater launch reach which coupled with its 8 bearings and 13 KG drag puts the Inspira 8000 at a great price/quality ratio.

€52.00 Price

Monster 800 Reel

The Vega Monster 800 Reel is a suitable reel for the practice of Surfcasting that was designed for beginners of the sport. Featuring a very modest price this is a good reel within the economic range for those who want to start with a reduced investment.

€31.56 Price

Rainbow Surf 9000 Reel

The Vega Rainbow Surf 9000 is a surfcasting reel designed for beginners of the sport. With 9 stainless steel bearings, a ratio of 4.1:1, an extra spool, an ergonomic and combat handle this reel has an unsurpassed price/quality ratio.

€59.90 Price

Sahara 700 Reel

The Vega Sahara 700 Reel is a suitable reel for surfcasting fishing that fits into the economic range of the sport. Positioning itself at a very economical price the Sahara 700 is a good option for those who want to start fishing with a low investment.

€39.90 Price

TD 70 Reel

The Vega TD 70 Reel is a suitable reel for surfcasting. Its very versatile size also allows its use for trolling, buldo and boat fishing. Competing in the economic range this presents a good quality for the price at which it is proposed.

€55.00 Price

Blade 60 Reel

The Vega Blade 60 Reel is a reel that competes within the economic range of boat and trolling reels although it can also be used for surfcasting. It is a reel that stands out for its quality within the price range to which it belongs.

€28.00 Price


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