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Kaigen 1000 Reel

The Banax Kaigen 1000 electric reel is the perfect reel for deep drop fishing. It has the strength and capacity to get you to almost any fish in the sea. With a very robust body, built to withstand the rigors of offshore fishing and a maximum speed of 160 meters per minute, the Banax Kaigen 1000 offers an amazing quality at a fair price.

€447.07 Price

Kaigen 7000PM Reel

The Kaigen 7000PM Reel from Banax is the world's first two-motor hybrid motor system electric reel. Its auto-stop feature prevents pulling your swivel or kite through the eye of your rod. Just engage the speed adjustable accelerator lever and walk away.

€479.59 Price

Oceana 4 Reel

Vega's Oceana 4 Reel is a strenght-type reel making it perfect for the use of floats or spinning. Its aluminium body and spool, 8 bearings and 20 KG Drag power place it at a good price/quality deal.

€113.82 Price

Panthera 40 Reel

Panthera 40 Reel is an excellent reel for float fishing or spinning. With an aluminium body and graphite rotor, a 20 KG Drag and 7 bearings, it's a good choice for spinning/float lovers.

€71.54 Price

Panthera 50 Reel

Vega's Panthera 50 Reel, similar to the 40 model, is a fishing reel suitable for float or spinning fishing. This model may also be used for tackle and board fishing.

€80.49 Price

Magnesys 50 Reel

The Vega Magnesys 50 Reel is a very well designed reel for float or spinning fishing. With a carbon rotor and a body made of magnesium, 10 ceramic bearings, a drag of 7 KG and excellent finishes this is an amazing reel with a fair price for its build quality.

€121.87 Price

Oceana 6 Reel

The Vega Oceana 6 Reel is an excellent reel for trolling, jigging and overall boat fishing. With a body and rotor made of aluminium, a drag of 20 KG and 8 bearings this is a very strong reel with a great price for its range.

€124.39 Price

Potenza 650 Reel

The Vega Potenza 650 Reel is a reel suitable for float, trolling, spinning and boat fishing. With an aluminium alloy body and rotor, a direct-to-the-gear combat crank, a 25 KG drag and 9 bearings this is an excellent reel that allows a wide range of practices.

€138.13 Price


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