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Reel Panthera 50

The PANTHERA is a high quality, robust and multipurpose reel, capable of making various types of fishing, such as boat fishing, trolling, buoy in height, small baot, jigging, trolling and medium surfcasting.

€116.00 Price

Reel Legend 550

Drag and internal mechanisms "water proof", Progressive drag of the latest generation with 15kg of power, 8 Shielded bearings of Japanese origin, HIGH SPEED System with recovery ratio 5.6:1 (101cm), Smooth and precise oscillatory system, Rotor infinite anti-kick system, Direct gear combat crank with oversized aluminum handle.

€127.00 Price

Reel Sandero Power 8000

The SANDERO POWER 8000 is perfect for on-board fishing and Jigging, Shore Jigging, Bullrag or other techniques where power and robustness are imperative.

€79.00 Price

Reel Bandit 70

Designed and developed for heavy fishing in which the solidity, softness and high capacity of the spool are a necessity, such as boat fishing.

€43.00 Price

Reel Delta 50

The Delta 50 is a reel for first contacts with fishing in various modalities at sea including the small boat fishing in the estuaries.

€25.00 Price

Reel Legend Power 650

Developed to ensure exceptional performance, legend POWER 650 incorporates some of the latest technical and technological innovations used in the fishing reel industry. LEGEND POWER 650 offers a slower and more powerful recovery ratio, ideal for anchored boating techniques, vertical Light Jigging, buldo or heavy spinning.

€151.00 Price

Reel TRX 40

A model dedicated to fishermen of spinning, buoy, light casting, small boat fishing, Kayak and freshwater fishing.

€57.50 Price


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